Aleppo's Kitchen in Anaheim is our second home. This home of ours is a family owned Mediterranean restaurant that specializes in Syrian Food. Aleppo to many is known as the culinary capital of the Middle East for its diverse kitchen. Due to its geographic location, the Mediterranean kitchen is a fusion of the Turkish, Syrian, and Armenian cuisine.

We came from Syria just a few years ago, escaping the bloodshed and seeking refuge. Together we opened this Mediterranean restaurant, so we and others can feel at home.

Many will tell you that we specialize in mostly kibbeh and kebab, but we also serve vegetarian and vegan platters to make everyone feel at home. We feel that there is a part of the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine that has not gotten the exposure it should get, especially when it comes to the vegetarian and vegan section. One of our near future goals is to expand on the this section and hopefully be able to cater to both meat eaters and non-meat eaters alike.

In our eyes, what sets us apart from the other Mediterranean or Middle Eastern restaurants is the fact that we pride ourselves on getting the best quality ingredients for our customers. Even if we have to spend a few extra dollars, at least we know what we are serving to our customers is freshly made and is high quality food that is home-made.