9 Types of Kibbeh

Yes, you heard right. We serve 9 different types of homemade kibbeh. Kibbeh is made from finely ground meat, cracked wheat (bulgur), onions and spices. The city of Aleppo is known for its specialty in kibbeh throughout all of the Middle East. Here at Aleppo's Kitchen, in Anaheim, we are the only Mediterranean and Middle Eastern restaurant that specializes in this many types of kibbeh. With all that said, our goal is not quantity, but rather quality. Our food is homemade and our recipes have been passed down from generation to generation. We are currently thinking about the possibility of having a vegan option for those who cannot eat meat. Tasting kibbeh should be a right everyone has, even for those who do not eat meat. Here are the types we currently serve:

  1. Fried Kibbeh (2 types)
  2. Grilled Kibbeh
  3. Kibbeh Labanyieh
  4. Kibbeh Swar
  5. Kibbeh Bil Saynyieh
  6. Kibbeh Sajiyeh
  7. Kibbeh on Skewers
  8. Raw Kibbeh
 Some our famous homemade kibbeh platters

Some our famous homemade kibbeh platters

As seen above, there are we have 2 different types of fried kibbeh. One, is the world famous football shaped that is served in multiple countries, including Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and many other. The one Aleppo is famous for is the long cigar shaped kibbeh that can be seen in the picture above (bottom right). Both have their unique taste and texture with a unique spice blend for each.
I can go on for days talking about the different tastes of each type of kibbeh, but that is no fun. We can't help but to share the Aleppian cuisine experience with everyone.
If any of you have more in depth questions about the different types of kibbeh, please feel free to call us at (714) 749-7717 during hours of operation.


Middle Eastern Restaurant or a Mediterranean Restaurant?

Many people have asked us, are you a Middle Eastern Restaurant or a Mediterranean Restaurant. We always tell everyone we are a fusion of both Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines. This allows for greater variety within our menu because of our wide range from many different types of food. Barbecue kabobs, kibbeh, falafel, hummus, baba ghanoush, grape leaves are known to be more Mediterranean. This is because Syria is on the Mediterranean sea and is influenced by nearby neighboring countries like Turkey and Greece. On the other hand, Syria is located in the Middle East and has unique platters, like okra, sheesh barak, kabseh, and mansaf. So, next time someone asks that question you now know how to answer it. If you have anymore pressing questions don't hesitate to ask us at any time.

The Culinary Capital of the Middle East

Did you know Aleppo by many is considered the culinary capital of the Middle East? The Aleppian cuisine is composed of Turkish, Armenian, and Syrian cuisine influences. This Mediterranean cuisine has a huge variety for different taste buds and will not disappoint. Here at Aleppo's Kitchen we try to make this Mediterranean experience unforgettable. We have been rated one of the best Mediterranean restaurants in Orange County and continue to excel in the food quality and experience of our customers. We cater to meat lovers and vegetarians/vegans alike, because we feel everyone should be included in this indulging experience. 

 Aleppo Citadel

Aleppo Citadel