Rated Best Middle Eastern Restaurant in Orange County

We are honored to hold the title as the best Middle Eastern Restaurant in Orange County by OC Weekly. This award was presented to us last year for 2015 and we are looking forward to not disappointing our customers or potential new customers. Our main emphasis is our fresh homemade Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food. Homemade food is very important because you want to feel like you are eating at your own home, which means you are comfortable and content. This is our main goal here at Aleppo's Kitchen in Anaheim, to be able to provide an area for people to socialize, dine, and  enjoy. We also have a good variety of vegetarian options as well as some vegan options. All of our food is Halal certified for people that are curious. These things are important to us because everyone should be embraced with the homemade experience when they enter Aleppo's Kitchen. Once again thank you to our beloved customers and OC Weekly for making this happen. Until next time, Chao.

 Kibbeh on Skewers

Kibbeh on Skewers

It is Called Family-Owned For a Reason

Here at Aleppo's Kitchen in Anaheim we have a purpose. Our whole team has bought into this purpose, which allows us to create a unique culture at the restaurant for anyone who walks in. This culture that we are striving to establish helps make the restaurant feel like home to any customer. From our homemade Mediterranean dishes to the warm smiles of our front house staff, we try our best to make you feel like you are walking into your own home. We know the best food is NOT the only factor that makes a restaurant great, so that is why we are taking it a step further. In the Middle Eastern culture, hospitality is one of THE most important things in the culture and we want to bring that same hospitality to our customers at Aleppo's Kitchen. We feel that it is important to be inclusive and therefore we have chosen to offer a variety of platters, which include vegetarian and vegan options, so we can make everyone feel like part of the family. Unfortunately, some Middle Eastern and Mediterranean restaurants do not cater enough to the vegetarian and vegan communities.

All of this does not stop here, but rather it begins here. We still have much work to do and we cannot do it without your help. Just like how a family is dependent on all the family members, we are dependent on you. In the end there is no place like home and we hope to be that home for you.

Aleppo's Kitchen

Kibbeh in the Olden Days

Kibbeh to many is known to be the signature of the Middle Eastern cuisine and the Mediterranean cuisine, which makes it more popular throughout the region. It is what people in Aleppo crave on a cool winter evening. As they take the first hot, mouth-watering bite, the trapped steam rushes out into the air. That made you hungry, didn't it? 

Kibbeh is made from finely ground meat, cracked wheat (bulgur), onions and spices. The crust of kibbeh is made from both cracked wheat and ground meat and it is a tiring process of grinding and mixing. The common way it was done was through the tool that you see below in the picture. As we discussed in earlier posts, there over 15 different types of kibbeh in Aleppo, Syria and here at Aleppo's Kitchen in Anaheim we serve 9 different types and we are hoping to expand further in the near future.

Speaking about expanding our kibbeh collection, we are hoping to provide vegetarian and vegan options for our customers who cannot eat meat or animal products. Also, we currently serve all of our food, including the meat in the kibbeh as Halal certified. All of this is because we feel that this Mediterranean homemade delicacy should be available to all who want to try it.

 Old Kibbeh Grinder

Old Kibbeh Grinder